Lot of 5 Pre-1933 Swiss HELVETIA 20 Franc Gold Coins BU Brilliant Uncirculated

Lot of 5 Pre-1933 Swiss HELVETIA 20 Franc Gold Coins BU Brilliant Uncirculated

Lot of 5 Pre-1933 Swiss HELVETIA 20 Franc Gold Coins BU Brilliant Uncirculated

Lot of 5 Swiss 20 Franc Pre-1933 Coins. Lot of 5 Pre-1933 Swiss 20 Franc Helvetias in BU condition. Photo shown is an example of our Pre-1933 20 FR Gold Helvetias in BU condition.

We select the date(s) you receive based on our current inventory. The coins you receive will be very similar. This Lot of 5 Swiss 20-Franc pre-1933 Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Gold Helvetias shimmer with brilliant luster. The devices on these gems are finely detailed on both the obverse and reverse. The obverse of the Swiss Helvetia depicts "Vreneli, " the charming "Swiss Miss" of the proverb, framed against the majestic Alps. The reverse has a radiant image of the traditional Swiss arms, featuring the famous Swiss cross, and the wreath of the Republic at the bottom. Switzerland, neutral since its creation by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, has long been synonymous with stability and fiscal strength due to its practice of backing its currency with large quantities of Gold. These pre-1933 Swiss Francs are in high demand due to their valuable Gold content and early date years. With a brilliant Gold content, purity of.

900, and weighing in at 6.45 grams, these fabulous European Gold coins are sure to appeal to any Gold enthusiast, investor, or world coin collector. The current market for Gold is on the move, and these dazzling Gold coins have excellent upside potential. For thousands of years, Gold has been a symbol of wealth, success, and financial security. Investors and collectors are rapidly acquiring Gold coins like these for their portfolios.

BU Swiss Helvetia Gold coins are an excellent way to add Gold to your portfolio. 0.1867 troy ounces each A total of. 9335 troy ounces of Gold. Add these scarce Pre-1933 Gold coins to your investment portfolio today..

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Lot of 5 Pre-1933 Swiss HELVETIA 20 Franc Gold Coins BU Brilliant Uncirculated

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